Maxi-Bore Earth Boring Machine

“Direct Drive - Gear Reduction”

Some Manufactures sell and deliver Earth Boring Machines without a Neutral capability.  They use Direct Drive 6:! Reduction gear Boxes.  This allows them to sell products at a lower price.   This type of machine is adds much more danger in Earth Boring operation.  If you want to stop the  boring PTO your only option is to turn off the Engine.  If some type of emergency happens this means it takes more time to stop the boring rods rotation!

All the Maxi-Bore units Neutral operational position !!which allows the operator to stop rotation of the boring rods quickly and when they want.!

Also some times when you have 40’ or longer string of Earth Boring Rods deployed it makes it very hard to start the hot engine because you have to spin the complete string of Rods connected to the PTO!   These means not only you can stop the Rods rotation but during the process of correcting the problem you can also turn engine off.   When you go to restart you are only turning the Engine not the engine and string of Rods.   With the exception of the smaller Hand-Held units other Maxi-BORE units have optional electric Starter to reduce operator work

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Dangerous For operators and workers!

Do not purchase Boring Machines without a NEUTRAL Control on PTO

Makes Money for you!   Reduces Earth Boring Costs!