Maxi-Bore Earth Boring Machine

COMPACTION  -  Bore Tools

The new Maxi-BORE  XD dry compaction bit features a revolutionary new design that enables fast penetration and longer tool life with far less thrust pressure so you can get the job done quickly!

The replaceable fluted carbide point uses an innovative, premium carbide that will significantly increase productivity and profitability by boring up to 40% faster and lasting up to 200% longer than standard style bits.

Sizes: 1.375", 1.50", 1.75", 2.00", 2.50", 3.00"


Sizes: 2.00", 2.50",
           3.00" 3.50",
           4.00" 4.50"

Sizes: 5.00", 6.00"

NOTE:  Not all Max-BORE power units can support Compaction Boring and those that support Compaction my not have enough Torque to use the larger Reamers! Check with Maxi-Bore on which will work.   Most of the smaller Slurry Boring will not support Compaction Boring.  Some of the larger Slurry Boring machines have conversion kits to allow both Slurry and compaction Boring.    Maxi-Bore Machines described as Compaction Power units will support Compaction Bits, again only larger unit supports the larger Reamers.


Makes Money for you!   Reduces Earth Boring Costs!


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